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The “Sugar Man” Duck Tote

Price: $75.00

This sweet little leather duck tote is the perfect duck lanyard to keep your ducks together while hunting in the blind or boat. This leather duck strap has a 1 ¼” harness leather carry handle that measures eight inches long and can be hung over most anyghing. On each end is a solid brass 1 ½” D-ring with 6 duck hangers and stainless steel loops fastened with solid brass rivets making it a great choice in the leather duck strap family. Once you load the “Sugar Man” with 12 greenheads you can easily carry them out and chalk up another sweet memory. Whether you are looking for a quality leather duck lanyard a leather duck strap or a leather duck tote we have one for you.  This is one of the best leather game carriers available today. If you would like your duck tote personalized with your initials let us know during checkout go to the comments box and explain what you want. This service is free!